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Looking to boost your revenue?

Our completely custom explainer videos will do just that!

Maximum Optimization
Find a new way to engage with your audience
Lead Conversion
An explainer is the perfect way to communicate the benefits of your products & services
Totally custom creations to take your business in the right direction
Layered to perfection
Our detailed process will ensure your video is structured exactly how you want
Optimised for desktop & mobile
Clean & Modern
Get a professional & fresh new angle on your marketing campaigns

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Why Choose Us

The key to our success is that we deliver only the highest standard you have come to expect, we strive to work closely with you throughout the project to deliver a video you are not just happy with, one that blows you and your audience away!

Customer focused

We pride ourselves on developing a strong relationship one each project to make sure you get the most out of your video


Innovation is key to what we do and starting a completely custom creation from a blank canvas leaves us with plenty of opportunity!


We use the latest Adobe After Effects software to produce our videos, these are not your average explainers!


Stuck for ideas? No problem, send a few ideas our way and we’ll put our creative minds to work to take the stress out of it for you. 



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Want to get started? Check out our portfolio below and get in touch with your requirements.

We cater for everyone at every stage of the marketing process, if you need a script – we’ll write one, if you need help with branding – we’re here, if you know exactly what you want and need a professional to pull it all together – we’re here for you!


Our videos range from 30 to 90 seconds, all in HD (of course!), we can go further but we recommend keeping this short, sharp and to the point to give it the impact it deserves!

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Monster Videos is a UK based company servicing clients worldwide, we have years of marketing and animation experience and know exactly how to deliver top marketing content.

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