Month: February 2019

So I come today with a question,
Does anyone have a way to dynamically lip sync audio with a MovieClip? I have built something that works until roughly the last 30 seconds of the audio clip. I'll provide what I've created below and then continue on the topic.
var embededTalkieData = {INTRO_001:[{s:0.118492, e:0.118492, v:”A”},
{s:0.251698, e:0.251698, v:”E”},
{s:0.370964, e:0.370964, v:”C_S”},
{s:0.457703, e:0.457703, v:”A”},
{s:0.630407, e:0.630407, v:”M_B_P”},
{s:0.801561, e:0.801561, v:”C_S”},
{s:0.928572, e:0.928572, v:”Sys-11″},
{s:1.018409, e:1.018409, v:”C_S”},
{s:1.801561, e:1.185691, v:”Sys-11″},
{s:1.276303, e:1.276303, v:”C_S”}]};

var lipsyncMouthInterval = setInterval(handleTalkieLipsync, 0.001);

var mouthIndex = 0;var talkie;
var talkieChannel;
var positionTimer:Timer;

function handleTalkieLipsync(actor)
if (embededTalkieData.INTRO_001.length > 1){
if(mouthIndex == embededTalkieData.INTRO_001.leng..

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My graphics looked fine in output before, but after adding rectangle hotspots for interactivity, the output graphics are noticably blurry.
Are there any hidden settings that control this?
The output options have been set to Default Format: (As Is), and JPG Quality 100.
I copied the graphic so I have the same one with and without hotspots, and hotspots are definitely the cause.

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Hi All,
I have component lets say xyz and I'm including sly-resource “Dynamic Media” component into page like mentioned below,
in XYZ .html:-

It will add the node under “/content/dam/customwebsite/xyz” as “/content/dam/custom/xyz/dynamic-media” only when we drag and drop an image into it.(into dynamic media component”)
I would like to set a image programmatically
Assume before including the dynamic media component I have a image path like
“xyz.imagePath” (xyz is a java sling model for my xyz component)
is it possible somehow pass this image path programmatically into dynamic media component? Can some one help me?

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We are having issues with Premiere while running output through our Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K output box. I'm not sure if Premiere is the issue or if Blackmagic is the issue, or if its both of them working together thats the issue.
When running Premiere, the application freezes if I open up the Finder application or any other application in general for any amount of time. Once I come back to Premiere, the application won't run playback and after a few moments, the entire app freezes, I get the spinning wheel of death, and then have to force quit after waiting for too long.
I've had this issue in the past a few months ago and never found an answer. Does anyone have any ideas?

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