Something for the weekend – Part 57 – Snow

Many in the northern hemisphere will have seen some snow this year. So I thought we should have a snowy scene as a starter image this week.
I've made the empty scene in Blender (the distant mountains are real). What will you now add to the image so that it tells us a story?
As always, anything goes as long as it meets the forum rules on decency, copyright etc.
Anyone and everyone is welcome to have a go – whether you are a complete beginner or a Photoshop expert.
There are no prizes apart from the chance to practice, show off, or bring a bit of humour and fun. Don't be shy, join in and have a go!
When posting back your edited images please use jpeg and downsize to 1200px on the long side.
To download the image below in jpeg format with ICC color profile (sRGB) and without the forum scaling artefacts , right click and then use Save Image As /Save Target As (or similar depending on your browser).

Have fun

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Mojave is more than the newest OSX.
For those who live outside of the United States, the Mojave Desert in Southern California and parts of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona occupies 47,877 sq mi (124,000 km).
Mojave Desert – Wikipedia
The desert is named after the Mojave (Mohave) tribe of native American Indians:
Mojave tribe: Location, Clothes, Food, Lifestyle, History and famous Chiefs***
The Mojave River is unique because it flows inland instead of toward the ocean:
Mojave River
Here is a map from the National Park Service:

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Rounded corner functionality disappeared in Indesign

I am running this version of InDesign:

Have been rounding the corners of rectangle and square shapes for years but all of a sudden the program will not let me do so. When I try to do it, the little yellow square that is supposed to appear below the upper right corner does not appear. I also tried to do it using this functionality:

… and by the “show round corners” function. Nothing works. I even tried to go back to former documents where I had round cornered rectangles and cut and pasted them into the new document, but the round corners simply disappear when I paste the rectangle into the new doc.
Thank you.

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I have a session in which I recorded vocals and mixed an entire song, and when I attempt to export the song, I get an error message, and the program crashes. I looked around and noticed that for some reason, the session was recorded in 32 bit floating format, I changed the sample rate in the waveform editor, but when I attempt to export the project again, it's not allowing me to choose any rate under 3s bit; I'm guessing that this is the problem – as other sessions aren't having this issue; I went to another session (that wasn't mixed), and the mixdown was successful. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Audition, and a still encountering this issue. Anyone have any idea as to what is casuing this, and how to prevent/an alternative to exporting the music? I also attempted to copy/paste the project into a separate session I opened inside the same project, and it crashed again.

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