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I had tested the export to HTML5 only briefly yet. When I use the default export settings (and some tweaks), the export looks good in my browser and on my smartphone.
One thing does not work. When there are several paragraphs in a table title, all paragraphs are concatenated and do not have any font information. Which means Times or something like this.
With a single paragraph everything is fine.
Is there anything which I can do about this? What can I do that the export maintains the separate paragraphs?
Possibly I will have more questions in the next days.
Best regards

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I have a text styled as bullet list. How can I underline a bullet characters in it? I tried to create a charecter style with underline = on and apply it for bullets but there was no effect. The charecter style affects only on color, font and some other attributes of bullets but not underline attribute.
I can do this by typing bullets characters manually but I don't want to solve problem in this way.

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I am really new to art programs. I typically only use paint. I am trying to modify a leather pattern to use a laser cutter to draw images on leather. I would like to add a border or an image to this pattern. Preferably a Celtic design but open to other options. I am hoping photoshop can do all this. If not what do I need?

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Customize the content fragment model elements in AEM 6.4

I have created a content fragment model, and using this i created a content fragment in AEM 6.4. In the content fragment I can select only one element from the dropdown in the content fragment component. However, I want to select multiple elements :

The Model consists of two fields – A single text field where one can enter any text , and a content reference field which is a path browser so one can enter the path.

I want both the Text and the Image to be dispalyed on the page not just one element.
The following is the path of the model on crx/de level :

Any inputs on a way to customize these element properties?
Bernadine Soman
smacdonald2008 Feike Visser Jörg Hoh

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Unser neuer Mac mini ist über Thunderbolt mit dem Promise Pegasus Rais System verbunden,
Alles funktioniert mit diesem Mac super.
Andere Macs können im Netzwerk auf das Raid System zugreifen, Dateien öffnen und unter neuem Namen abspeichern.
Von den Netzwerk Mac Computer ist es nicht möglich über Bridge Bewertungen zu setzten.
Von den Netzwerk Mac Computer ist es nicht möglich Photohop Dateien zu bearbeiten und mit Apfel S zu speichern.
Fehlermeldung: Konnte ## Dateiname## nicht speichern, weil kein Schreibzugriff erteilt wurde.
Die Eingabe von Bewertungen (Sterne setzten) mit dem Canon Programm Digital Photo Professional 4
ist über die im Netzwerk befindlichen Mac´s möglich.
Irgend wie vertragen sich Apple und Adobe nicht ganz.

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Login issues

Hey Guys,
i have a little problem with Adobe DC.
Everytime when Im starting the software, it asks me to login with the Adobe ID. But Im using this software via Adobe CC and Im already logged in!
I need a solution, because I cant use this Software right now. I already deleted DC and CC but it still shows up. Do you guys have some fixes or are you able to refresh the licence?
This is the message Im always getting:

Thanks in advance!

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I have Lightroom CC and my problem is the key shortcuts. When I read Keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom Classic CC and try to test them, most don't do do anything and some do something completely different from what it is supposed to do. It has been bugging me, but now, that I found out, that I can not change the Overlay composition grid, I really need your help. How can I change the shortcuts and how can I use all of the cropoverlays?

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Notre amis JR_Boulay vient de mettre à disposition en Français et en Anglais Abracadabratools 2019 qui est un ensemble de plugins gratuit, (Oui c'est gratuit) pour Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Pro et Acrobat Standard.
Pour les utilisateurs d'anciennes versions c'est le moment de passer à la version 2019 et pour les autres c'est le moment d'utiliser cette suite, très, très utile.
Le lien pour pouvoir en profiter :
AbracadabraTools 2019
Merci pour lui !!!!

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